The Beheld Beings

That Shadow My Likeness

Ascending Beauty

From the Earth to the Skies


Paper Thin Boundaries


Elements of Love



Archival Pigment Prints, 9.5” x 9.5”



Obscura is a series of digitally manipulated photographs of silhouetted female figures set in an environment composed of layers of landscape photographs. I created the silhouettes from my photographs of a dancer/ choreographer. I used the expressiveness of her body language to reveal strength and inner power and to simultaneously suggest vulnerability amid themes of death and regeneration. The female body situated in the woods connects to ideas of nature as a source of life as well as to the place where our bodies return after dying. I am interested in nature as an uncontrollable, uncontainable force that resonates with ideas about the female psyche and identity. Through this imagery of female figures and landscape within dark shadows I create an enigmatic space that merges my own subjectivity with narratives about the power of women and nature.