For well over a decade, I have been working as a professional visual artist. Born in Los Angeles, I currently live and work in Southern New Jersey. My work has moved progressively from a search into the urban landscape to the spaces where city meets nature at public parks. I continue to create explorations of natural environments which serve as settings for figurative compositions and lyrical portraits. I examine identity and place and the complexities of one’s relationship with the self and with others. I am interested in creating narratives of love and loss, fulfillment and emptiness, and shadow and light. I work in photography, mixed media, collage, and painting. The aesthetics of these mediums overlap in my art. My photographic work is heavily influenced by my creative process in painting and collage. In a parallel way, my work in collage and painting is highly informed by photography. The diversity of my art practice reflects my conceptual approach both to my art and to the mediums that I choose to use to communicate my ideas.