The Beheld Beings

That Shadow My Likeness

Ascending Beauty

From the Earth to the Skies


Paper Thin Boundaries


Elements of Love


Ascending Beauty

Archival Pigment Prints, 16.5” x 16.5”



Ascending Beauty is composed of portraits of people who have made great imprints on my life and consciousness. I seek to honor their presence through these images that highlight their beauty and individuality. I have created images of myself, family members, friends, and people whom I have admired. Nature is a vital element of this series as it serves as a representation of places of healing and renewal. It reflects life, peace, complexity, and power- all qualities I seek to express through my photographic subjects. I emphasize this concept in the way that the natural motifs that surround the figures are integrated into the textured surfaces of their skin and hair. There is a definite spiritual quality here, reflected in the auras of the flowers, plants, and earth that radiate from the works and in the bright, translucent auras and halos that encircle the heads of my models.