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Elements of Love


Elements of Love

Archival Pigment Prints, variable dimensions



In Elements of Love, I investigate the urban landscape of Los Angeles as a site for revealing complexities in social interactions and intimate relationships. I explore constructs of femininity and masculinity and connections between the built environment and nature at the locus of the city.

I also explore personal stories that involve issues of power, vulnerability, erasure as well as love and closeness in intimate relationships. In this work, I am interested in creating narratives of love and loss, fulfillment and emptiness, wonder and hurt.

I am also interested in disrupting the boundaries between photography, digital media, and painting and drawing- allowing them to merge and bleed into one another, while the images nonetheless remain digital and photographic.

Erosion of You, 23.5" x 47.5"    Erosion of You, 23.5" x 47.5"    

Erosion of You, 23.5" x 47.5"

Water No Get Enemy,   21" x 50"     

Water No Get Enemy, 21" x 50"

Traces of Her Longing,   22" x 46"     

Traces of Her Longing, 22" x 46"

Growing,   20" x 52.5"     

Growing, 20" x 52.5"

Drifting, 20" x 50"     

Drifting, 20" x 50"

Destiny 22" x 42.5"

Destiny, 22" x 42.5"

A Landscape for Lovers,   21" x 50"     

A Landscape for Lovers, 21" x 50"

Counterweight,   17" x 59"     

Counterweight, 17" x 59"

Waters To Swim Or Drown In  , 23.5" x 28.5"

Waters To Swim Or Drown In, 23.5" x 28.5"