Makings of the Mind

Mixed Media Collages on Canvas Board, 14” x 11”



­I created these collages on paper from the pages of a book called “Toward A New Psychology of Women.” I layered the works with cut paper silhouettes painted with watercolor. I collaged other images from various sources, such as women’s fashion magazines, a book of Austrian cultural landmarks, a text on how to develop a beautiful backyard, illustrations of wildflowers, and more. The collages suggest a feminine quest for the ideal. I feature female figures in settings inspired by fairy tale themes, questioning the idea of living “happily ever after…” and women’s relationship to the notion of Prince Charming. At the same time I explore the layers of my own inner life. Expressing dream states and fantasy worlds, my collages tell a story about women’s strengths and fragilities. I seek to build narratives that speak to women’s power and resilience in the midst of many myths and adversities.